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Medevac Chair-Side Air Extraction for our Dental Office

Centre Dentaire La Perla protects it’s staff and patients by capturing drill aerosols, abrasion powder, mercury vapors, viruses and VOC’s at the source.


At Centre Dentaire La Perla customer service is our priority. Our caring and dedicated staff is there to answer all your questions and concerns. Come see for yourself, we are there for you! Make an appointment to see Dr. James C. Tucci and his team today.


The physical concept of Centre Dentaire La Perla was designed with you in mind! Our goal was to provide a bright, calm, safe and welcoming environment for our patients. It is equipped with the latest technologies in order to ensure a positive experience for all. Your comfort and well being is our raison d’être.


The 3 Shape Trios is an advanced technology allowing to instantly display patient scans up close by creating high-quality 3D digital impressions in lifelike colors, giving patients direct access to their digital data in order to better discuss with their dentist and understand issues and the need for restorative treatment.


Centre Dentaire La Perla is proud to offer its clients cutting-edge technological equipment. Our professionals are regularly receiving additional training, helping them to stay current with the swift progression provided by modern technology. The care offered is safe, proactive and effective. Each patient receives the highest quality care at every visit and with every dental procedure.


At Centre Dentaire La Perla, we abide by strict protocols in order to provide a sterile and safe environment for our patients . We have all the latest equipment designed to ensure the highest level of infection control.

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