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Centre Dentaire La Perla

Protecting our dentists, staff and patients from airborne contaminants like viruses

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things. As dentists, we continue to use good hygiene practices that we have applied for years. We continue to wipe down surfaces with disinfectants, we continue to wear masks and we now use face shields and wear protective gear. In order to further insure the safety of our staff and patients, we have recently incorporated a HEPA air filtration system in our office to properly address the situation. A re circulation HEPA filtration system unit will continually circulate the air within the office and or operatory space. The more air changes, the quicker the space will be cleaned. This will clean the room 99% effectively and quickly.

The second type of system we are using is a source capture unit. The purpose of this unit is to capture debris and aerosols directly where they are generated to minimize the aerosols dispersing throughout the dental office. When the combination of the room Recirculation HEPA Filtration unit is used with the Oral Source Aerosol Vacuum – this increases the room air changes per hour and limits the amount of aerosols spread into the room.

We think it is important to point out that the Quatro HEPA filters have the same rating equivalent to an N100 mask.

This is an efficiency level (category) two degrees higher than the N95 masks. A Quatro HEPA purifier operating continuously is removing the contaminants from the air within our office. It far exceeds what an N95 mask is filtering.

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air.